Yes. Numero Housing cooperative is a duly registered under the section 6 of chapter C14 of the Cooperative society’s law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015, as Numero Multipurpose Society.

Numero Homes Global Resources Limited a registered real estate company and an accredited member of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN).

Simply register via our website at and select your preferred savings package.

Yes. A membership fee of N5,000.00 will be paid upon registration.

• Every member of the housing that has saved up to 50% of the property cost will be given allocation letter on preferred property and possession access to the property upon 70% contribution.

• Members will also have access to mortgage facilities from any of our accredited mortgage bank or affiliate.

• Participant must be above the age of 18 years.
• Participant must have a stable income.
• Participant must have a means of Identification.
• Participant must share a common objective of home ownership.

A. You can use your savings to buy a land or house from Numero Homes accredited developers.

Yes. You can refer friends and family to join the cooperative and earn loyalty points. Visit our website for more details.

The cooperative has special packages such as:
• Individual Advantage
• Couples Advantage
• Friends Advantage
• Business Advantage
• Cooperative Advantage
• Executive Advantage
• Diaspora Advantage

Yes 10% annual interest is payable on your savings.

No, contribution is solely to purchase property. This is necessary to enforce required discipline to achieve property acquisition goal.

After a successful sign up your account wallet will be displayed on your dashboard. You can deposit and make withdrawer form your wallet.

It is used to acquire real estate properties only.

Yes. A letter of transfer of ownership should be forward to the promoter.

Yes, but only your funds or savings available in your wallet can be used.

Withdrawal should be act will and also by one month notice, conveyed in writing to the promoter provided that the withdrawing member is not indebted to the promoter.

About us

Numero Housing Cooperative Society is a separate legal body with limited liability that is registered under section 6 of Chapter C14 of the Cooperative Society’s Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015.