Numero Housing Cooperative Society is a separate legal body with limited liability that is registered under section 6 of chapter C14 of the Cooperative society’s law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015.
Numero Housing Cooperative Society is a society that encourages savings amongst members and provides help based on their needs such as housing and credit finance and helps promote economic interest.

Our Vision

To be the most sought after real estate company, the platform will be a reference point to others within the society.

Our Mission

To provide a solution to ease the current shelter challenges amongst its members through flexible and sustainable payment plans and the requirements of our cooperators.


Qualification for Membership
The membership of the society shall be open to:
 I. Nigerians within and diaspora
 II. Employer, employee, retired individuals
 III. From age 18 above


The object of the Society shall be to promote welfare, wealth, and economic interest of its members and especially:
i.  To promote love and support to achieve confined goals via the couples and friends’ advantage which is in the interest of its members
ii. To encourage saving habits within the society, in other to prepare members for the future which will enhance their discipline.
iii. To assist United Nations to achieve the Seventeen (17) SDG goals. Hence, goal 9,11, and 17 is the focus.
iv. To acquire, at an affordable rate landed properties, efficient services, and assets owning most especially real estate to meet the needs of its Members;
v. To create a better household community among its members from employers of labor, employees in the labor market
vi. To explore any other measure(s) designed on cooperative principles and procedures to encourage its Members to imbibe the spirit and practice mutual help.


i. Application for Membership shall be by the completion and submission of the Co-operative Membership Application form in a manner that may be determined, Admin.
ii. Every intending member shall submit, along with the Application Form:
A one-time non-refundable application fee of N5,000.00 (Five thousand naira only) or as may be approved by the Admin from time to time.